The Battles He Fought

The Battles He Fought

Zacharias Tanee Fomum


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There are principalities and powers that stand in the way of the gospel. In the Bible, God showed Daniel that there would be four principalities to stand in the way of Israel to prevent it from being the nation from which the Messiah would come. There was no nation of Israel at the time and Daniel went to war fasting and praying; the Bible tells us that the principalities were overthrown.

Daniel is one of the prophets who tackled principalities and powers for their overthrow — four principalities and powers. That is the only Bible equivalent of the kind of ministry brother Zach carried out.

In 1987, after God had given brother Zach the goal of our ministry, the Lord now showed him the principalities and powers that would stand as obstacles to the accomplishment of the goal.

The overthrown of those principalities is the kind of ministry brother Zach carried out on behalf of God’s purposes and our ministry.




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