From His Prayer Files: Prayer Meetings (1990–1991)

From His Prayer Files: Prayer Meetings (1990–1991)

Zacharias Tanee Fomum


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This book will stir your heart to see the necessity, possibilities, power, purpose, reality, and weapon of prayer.
Prayer was central in the life of our Lord on earth.

Men equally should pray and make prayer central in all they do. They are to spend increasing time in prayer to know increasing freedom in their spirit and to know God more and more. It is at the place of prayer that men know God. The more a man prays, the more he will have God.

Professor Fomum was a man of prayer and considered prayer to be the most important work that can be done for God and for man. He kept a record of his prayer requests and had over 50,000 recorded answers to prayer in his prayer books.

From His Prayer Files will take you to the Zach Fomum Academy of Prayer through a verbatim report of what transpired during the various prayer session he led in the years 1990 and 1991. It captures the essence of prayer from an author who diligently practiced what he taught.

Do you need personal revival in your prayer life? If so, then read this book as it will prompt and push you to the ultimate task of the church—prayer.