God, Money And You

God, Money And You

Zacharias Tanee Fomum


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This book, God, Money, And You, by Prof Fomum exposes, through personal experience and from ample living testimonies, the horror that debts bring upon a child of God and his progeny and presents the pathway to total deliverance. There are 700 references in the Bible about money, making it one of the few subjects in the Scripture that receives such attention. The Bible is a textbook on money. If your heart is not correct towards money, it will be correct on nothing else.

There is a close relationship between God's financial principles and walking with Him. Normally when a person enters into debts, there is financial poverty, followed by spiritual dryness. Debt causes leakage into a man’s spiritual System and weakens the man in everything so that he lacks ascending power. It paralyzes his faith.

Quoting from an American preacher, he notes that when a man takes a loan, he has entered the worst curse possible. Unless the whole church gathers to deliver him, he may never be delivered, because his heart has gone, to evil. He said if you paid his loan today, tomorrow he will be in debt because he is now ruled by a spirit that blinds him and holds him prisoner.

The one who gives loans curses the person to whom he gives the loan.

World Conquest for Christ starts with self-conquest. When a man who has not conquered coins wants to conquer a city, it is a joke!. A man who cannot be liberated from the love of money cannot lead a nation into victory over the love of money.

May the Lord, through this book, meet you at your point of greatest need.




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